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  • NWSA Fund

    Help support the formation of wilderness stewardship organizations


    What is the NWSA FUND?

    The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance Fund (NWSA Fund) is a donor-advised endowment established in partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation through a generous donation from The David Berolzheimer Foundation to honor life-long friend and wilderness champion, Elaine Dermody, who is a Founding Member of the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance. Proceeds from this endowment and donations to the NWSA Fund will be used to support the formation of new wilderness stewardship programs in an effort to have a wilderness stewardship group for every wilderness area in the National Wilderness Preservation System.

    What will the proceeds from the FUND be used for?

    New groups often have difficulty with assembling funds for the myriad start-up costs of establishing a new organization.  Whether it be recording fees, creating by-laws, developing business materials, incorporation fees, the list goes on and on.  The NWSA Fund is a source of funding for new groups to help them hit the ground running and to save their scarce resources for the on the ground job needs.

    How do wilderness stewardship organizations apply for start-up funding?

    Groups can apply through-out the year.  Proposals should follow the guidelines established in the Financial Support for Newly Forming Stewardship Groups NWSA policy paper.  A team of NWSA Board members reviews applications and makes selections on an as needed basis based on the available funding.

    What if I have Questions about the FUND?

    Questions about the Fund should be addressed to Joelle Marier, Executive Director, at [email protected]. Funding proposals can be submitted to Joelle as well.

    Thank you for your support of wilderness stewardship!

    Groups Supported by the Fund


    2020 - Wild Alabama

    Wild Alabama is proud to partner with National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance!  As we are a newly rebirthed organization with all the startup costs associated with this, we are so appreciative of the NWSA Startup grant to help us cover costs such as our website, IRS filing fees, and marketing costs to broaden our presence in the state. We look forward to a long relationship helping to continue to protect and educate about Alabama's three wilderness areas, Sipsey, Cheaha, and Dugger Mt.   -  Maggie Johnston Executive Director, Wild Alabama


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    America’s wilderness needs our care. The demands of a burgeoning population, climate change, and dwindling federal funds makes NWSA’s work more critical than ever. Your gift goes to our work to restore, protect and nurture America's wilderness and the wilderness stewardship organizations who help protect them.. 

    You do not need a PayPal account to processes a donation with PayPal.  Please use your personal email for individual donations so we can keep track of them as distinct from your organization or affiliation.  

    Individual donations of $25 or more give you status as an "NWSA Member" and provide you with personal discounts to NWSA events, like the National Wilderness Workshop, and access to webinars and other information on our website.

    New Member Benefit for 2022:  Joining NWSA now provides a subscription to the International Journal of Wilderness.  When your membership is processed you will be given a link and a pass code to sign up for the Journal.  Keep informed about wilderness science and management issues with the Journal.

    If you want to donate by check, please make check payable to NWSA and specify in the note field if the gift is for an individual donation, and mail it to:

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  • This is great news. And another sign that our friends at the US Forest Service are doing their best to make trails a high priority. Kudos to them and NWSA for creating this opportunity. We hope to see this become an annual granting program that can be leveraged with outside dollars and resources and made to grow each year.
    Randy Rasmussen, Back Country Horsemen of America