Most of the time in the 21st century, we dominate our surroundings: We tweak the thermostat, and the temperature falls one degree. We push a button, and Taylor Swift sings for us. It's the opposite in the wilderness, which teaches us constantly that we are not lords of the universe but rather building blocks of it. Nicholas Kristof, Journalist



The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance exists to bring together the wilderness stewardship community into a growing network of volunteer-based non-profit organizations that provide stewardship for America's enduring resource of wilderness. Read More


What's Happening -

National Wilderness Workshop complete for 2019. 

Come back soon to see videos of key sessions, and Powerpoints for most.  These resources will be found on the 2019 National Wilderness Workshop page.  Click Here.

Fall 2019 NWSA Newsletter is Now Available...

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It is now time to renew membership in NWSA for the 2020 Fiscal Year.  We are changing our membership year to match the Calendar Year which better aligns with the National Wilderness Workshop and other membership programs.   Participate in webinars, apply for grants, get discounts at workshops and conferences.  Be kept advised of news and events affecting the wilderness stewardship community.  Join the community today!


Organizations joining NWSA between October 1 and December 31st will be entered into a drawing to win one of three HP "Stream" Laptops, used at the National Wilderness Workshop.  We have already given away three laptops to organizations renewing at the Workshop.  Now is your chance to get in on this amazing offer.  Just click here, or the Donate button to Renew or Join.  If you are the lucky organization your laptop will be sent to you right after the new year.  Organization memberships start at $75 for most local wilderness stewardship groups or Chapters.  Higher rates apply to State-wide or National Organizations.

Individuals can also get in on this membership opportunity to win a new NWSA Hat and long sleeve T-Shirt.  All new individual members between Oct 1st and Dec 31st will be entered into a drawing for the hat and shirt.  Any donation over $25 qualifies as a Individual Member of NWSA.


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  • From the blog


    The idea for a nationwide network of wilderness volunteer organizations was hatched right here in Colorado, barely a decade ago. The catalyst was a small group of wilderness devotees, including this month's author Dave Cantrell. Today the mission of NWSA remains catalysis, as Dave writes, "
    connecting stewardship organizations with each other, linking our efforts and experiences, directing groups to resources, and fostering new organizations." At their recent meeting in Bend, Oregon, 250 attendees from 29 states, representing 80 different organizations gathered to pursue that mission with a rich assortment of speakers and activities. Read more below about how NWSA knits together the fabric of volunteer non-profit organizations, including us, into a wilderness preservation network. 

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    Forest Service Webinars

    The Forest Service has announced several new webinars to educate employees and volunteers on several of the Wilderness Stewardship Performance elements.

    From the FS:

    The Wilderness Information Management Steering Team is pleased to announce they will be hosting the next in a series of short training webinars for the Wilderness Stewardship Performance (WSP) elements.  The next webinar will cover two WSP elements, Agency Management Actions and Motorized Equipment/Mechanical Transport Use Authorization.

    All webinars will be recorded and posted on the Wilderness Stewardship Performance SharePoint site, so live attendance will not be required.  The recordings will also be posted on to allow our partners, who assist us with wilderness stewardship, an opportunity to receive the training as well.  Partners are also more than welcome to attend the live webinar.

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