Wilderness is harder and harder to find these days on this beautiful planet, and we're abusing our planet to the point of almost no return. Betty White, Actress and Comedian


The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance exists to bring together the wilderness stewardship community into a growing network of volunteer-based organizations that provide stewardship for America's enduring resource of wilderness. Read More


What's Happening -


2017 National Wilderness Workshop

Lake Point Conference Center, Arkansas Tech

Russellville Arkansas

October 3-5, 2017

Registration for the 2017 National Wilderness Workshop is set to be announced June 5th!  Read more about it here.



The National Forest System Trail Stewardship Grant Program

The NWSA and the Forest Service are partnering to provide opportunity to all trail and stewardship groups to improve trail maintenance conditions on the National Forests.

This new grant program is aimed at increasing volunteer participation on the National Forests.

Go to the Trail Stewardship Grant page for more information.  Application Deadline:  June 2th   ---   3 weeks away!


NWSA Survey on the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act of 2016

The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act of 2016 will affect volunteer and partner engagement on National Forest Trails for years to come.  The Act provides for additional consultation and feedback from the public on the trails program.  Let your voice be heard.  At the request of the Forest Service this link will stay active through April.

Click here to take the 15 question survey.

The Forest Service was so excited by the results that they asked we keep the survey site active for the next couple of months to continue to take input on Priority Trail Maintenance Areas, the Volunteer Strategy, and other components of the Act.  Please submit one survey per organization.


Summer 2017 WSP Grant Program selections have been made.   

Congratulations to Grant Winners.

For a list of Summer 2017 WSP Grant applicants see the NWSA WSP Grants page or read the Blog below.

If you would like to learn more about the WSP Grant Program please visit our Grants Page.   Go to NWSA WSP Grants page.

Be sure to check back regularly for new grant opportunities. 



Remember to renew your NWSA Membership for 2017.  Click here for details.

Participate in webinars, apply for grants, get discounts at workshops and conferences.  Be kept advised of news and events affecting the wilderness stewardship community.  Join the community today!


Want to work in wilderness? Check out the Job Postings Here

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    Summer 2017 WSP Grants have been Awarded

    NWSA Summer 2017 WSP Grants have been awarded!

    It was very hard to decide because all the projects reviewed were very good.  The selected projects made the highest contribution to WSP scoring for their Forest Service wilderness areas while having low costs or engaging large number of volunteers.  Many had very high cash or in-kind contributions.  Read on to learn more...

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    2016 Was a Good Year!

    2016 turned out to be a very good year for NWSA and the wilderness stewardship community.  Read more here...

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