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Bringing together the wilderness stewardship community to care for America's enduring Wilderness resource.

Our vision is to see each wilderness area within the National Wilderness Preservation System adopted by a wilderness stewardship organization dedicated to protecting and nurturing the area’s wilderness character and values. We strive to foster effective partnerships between community-based, non-profit wilderness stewardship organizations and all government agencies charged with the management of our national wilderness areas to ensure an enduring Wilderness resource.


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NWSA Funding Programs

Our funding programs connect land management agencies with non-profit partner organizations to accomplish essential stewardship work on America's wilderness and public lands. On average, our programs leverage federal funding at a ratio of 6:1.


Wilderness Stewardship Resources

NWSA provides our wilderness stewardship community with training and resources to build successful non-profit stewardship organizations and to foster positive partnerships with federal land management agency partners. Explore the items under the resources tab above or take initiative and sign up for our monthly newsletter Wildernews to stay up to date on our webinar series and all things wilderness stewardship.


Fostering Connection and Partnerships

As the only national organization tasked with connecting non-profit wilderness stewardship groups with federal land management agency partners, NWSA plays a unique role in the stewardship of America's public lands and Wilderness areas. Our role is two-fold: help our non-profit partners connect with, understand and navigate partnerships with federal agencies and help our federal agency partners connect with, understand, and support wilderness stewardship organizations to add much needed capacity to national wilderness stewardship needs. The National Wilderness Workshop is our annual gathering designed to do just this. 


Advocating for Wilderness Stewardship

NWSA advocates for wilderness stewardship year-round. We work behind the scenes on a national level to secure funding for wilderness stewardship and serve as voice for our non-profit partner organizations in national planning and budgeting processes. Whether attending Hike the Hill in D.C., participating in national planning strategies, or in one-on-one conversations with our non-profit and agency partners, we are laser-focused on bringing support to the wilderness stewardship community, driving our community forward, and supporting positive relationships between all working toward a better future for Wilderness. Your support helps us fill this crucial role.