2021 National Wilderness Workshop

“Advocating for Stewardship – Tips, Tools and Practical Techniques for the Wilderness Steward”

To Be Hosted Virtually

the Week of 

November 15 - 19th




Hosted by:

National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance and the Society of Wilderness Stewardship

A Big Thank you to our Local Sponsors!  The Workshop was very successful!

Local Sponsors: 

Appalachian Trail Conservancy

USDI Bureau of Land Management

Virginia Wilderness Committee



The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance and the Society of Wilderness Stewardship are pleased to welcome you to the National Wilderness Workshop.  Over the course of the week of November 15th - 19th over 350 participants had the advantage of tapping into wilderness learning, networking with the wilderness stewardship community, while exploring wilderness stewardship issues of the mid-Appalachian area and other parts of the rest of the country.  With over 30 hours of virtual content the Workshop showcased wilderness stewardship groups, the latest wilderness research, new ways of doing business to support culturally and rich organizations and communities.  The content below is provided for the entire wilderness community to review and enjoy.

The Workshop Planning Committee has made adjustments to the program to accommodate different time zones and schedules during the week of November 15th.  We decided to only offer one session at a time so everyone could engage together.  Some sessions that originally had been listed in the Workshop will be deferred to a later time and will become a 2022 NWSA Webinar or Coffee Hour presentation.

Workshop Presentations

The 2021 National Wilderness Workshop

“Advocating for Stewardship – Tips, Tools and Practical Techniques for the Wilderness Steward”

The final Program is shown below. 

The Program Agenda – includes session titles and speakers, updated 11.18.2021

Program Abstracts – includes information about each presentation

Speaker Biographies - information on each presenter

The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance and the Society of Wilderness Stewardship, in partnership with the U. S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Virginia Wilderness Committee and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy welcome you to the Virtual National Wilderness Workshop.  An outstanding program fills five days with plenary and concurrent sessions along with optional networking sessions and special events.  This year’s Workshop also encourages wilderness stewards to expand their skill set to advocate for wilderness stewardship.  Through a series of pre-Workshop webinars, and then Workshop sessions, participants will be trained to effectively interact with elected officials, agency leaders, and Congressional staff. 

The National Wilderness Workshop is the premier gathering of wilderness stewardship organizations, federal agencies, and wilderness academics to learn and discuss current wilderness issues, network among like-minded professionals, and seek solutions to pressing wilderness problems.  Through a series of plenary and concurrent sessions a vast array of information is shared, and important topics are discussed.  Come and share your voice.

The Program - Presentations, Recordings, and Additional Materials - this is a work in progress as materials become available.  Some videos needed post processing.  Some sessions not recorded.

Day Presentations (PDF or Powerpoint) Recordings Additional Information
Day 1

Opening Remarks

not available  

Agency Welcomes

Bureau of Land Management - Peter Keller

USDA Forest Service - Peter Mali

US Fish and Wildlife Service - Nancy Roeper

National Park Service - Roger Semler

 not available  
  The Case for Wilderness Stewardship Advocacy Video - The Case for Wilderness Stewardship  
  Hand in Glove - Wilderness Stewardship and Advocacy in the Shenandoah Mountains Video - Hand In Glove  
  The Story of SAWS - Bill Meadows Video - The Story of Saws  
  Message from Senator Kaine - VA Video - How to Work with a Member of Congress  (at 30 minute mark)  
Day 2 Coffee Hour - Meet and Greet Video - Meet and Greet  

Defining Future Directions for Wilderness Research

Wilderness Research - Elena Thomas

Wilderness Research - Jaclyn Rushing

Wilderness Research - Stephanie Freeman

Wilderness Research - Reigner and Wimpey

Video - Wilderness Research  
  Assessing Future Wilderness Research Needs  ALWRI - Jason Taylor Video - Assessing Wilderness Research Needs  

Three Stewardship Stories

Stories from Wild Wyoming - Reno and DePasquale

Friends of Scotchman Peaks - Phil Hough

Oregon Natural Desert Association Independent Stewardship Program - Renee Patrick

Video - Stewardship Stories  
  Magnifying Your Advocacy Impact - Diana Christopulos, Rupert Cutler, Peter Larkin, Gwen Mason Video - Magnifying Your Advocacy Impact Rupert Cutler Comments
Day 3 Coffee Hour - Wilderness Challenges Video - Wilderness Challenges - Meet Sarah Armstrong  
  Transforming Writing, Photography and Speech - Ronald et all. Video - Wilderness Communications for Increased Inclusivity  
  How Collective Impact is Creating Sustainable Trails in the White Mountains - Luce Video - Collective Impact  
  Developing Sustainable Wilderness Stewardship Volunteer Programs - Williams and Zawisza Video - Sustainable Volunteer Stewardship Programs  
  Indigenous Wilderness Stewardship - A Panel - Reigner et all. Video - Indigenous Wilderness Stewardship Selected Readings
Day 4 Coffee Hour - Indigenous Communities Video - Indigenous Communities  
  60th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act - MacSlarrow and Hoover Video - 60th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act  

Technology in Wilderness

Smartphones in Wilderness - Rogers

Outer Spatial - Branciforte

App based Techniques to Conduct Wilderness Visitor Surveys - Wimpey

Video - Technology in Wilderness

Using Map Data for Campsite Inventory

App Instructions for Campsite Data

  The Bridge Project - Taylor, Preston, Malvin Video - The Bridge Project  
  Researching History of Place - Christy Hyman Video - Researching History of Place  
Day 5 Coffee Hour - Evaluations and Feedback Video - Evaluations  
  NWSA Wilderness Stewardship Awards Video - NWSA Wilderness Awards  
  FS National Wilderness Awards with Chief Randy Moore Video - FS Wilderness Awards  
  Conservation Advocacy from the Ground Up - Jay Erskine Leutze Video - Conservation Advocacy  
  Closing Comments - What's Next    


Questions?  Please contact Randy Welsh, Executive Director, National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance, at [email protected].