How to Start, Manage and Revitalize Your Stewardship Group

Our three-part guidance from experienced stewards will assist you on how to form a new group, how to manage and grow your group, and, for the weary or burnt-out, how to revitalize your group.

 Alaska Volunteer


Getting Started - Forming a New Stewardship Group
A checklist for people who are considering stewardship

Part I

How to Start a Stewardship Group

About The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
Sketch in Your Goals
Briefly Identify Your Partners
     Identify Core Volunteers
     Identify Your Agency Partners.
     Identify Other Supporters.
Build Your Starting Organization
     Enlist Stewardship Mentors
     Form a Steering Committee
     Connect with the Agency Which Manages Your Wilderness
     Decide on a Name
     Join the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance
     Draft Mission and Case Statements
     Brainstorm Strategies / Dream
Move from Steering Committee to Formal Organization
     Create a Board of Directors
     Raise Start-up Money
     Settle Your Basic Organizational Structure
     Draft Bylaws
     Draft Articles of Incorporation
     Open a bank account
     Set Up Needed Committees
     Design a logo / Establish your Identity
     Investigate Liability Coverage
Get Structures Set Up for Your Volunteers
Get Out There!
Move to Maturity
     Obtain 501(c)(3) Status
     Establish Sound Fiscal Management
     Launch a Fundraising Campaign
     Launch a Membership Campaign
     Formalize your relationship with your agency partner
Get Out There and Have Fun!

Complete Document
How to Start a Wilderness Stewardship Group

Part II
How to Manage a Stewardship Group

Part III
How to Revitalize and Grow your Group