The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance strives to stay apolitical and focused strictly on wilderness stewardship.  But at times we must stand up for the basic values in which we believe.  Periodically we may highlight a bill or action that is needed to be taken to protect wilderness.

HR 1349A Threatens Wilderness by allowing Mountain Bikes.

As we near the end of the current Congressional Session it is possible that HR 1349 or similar bills will make a last push for passage.  Diligence is needed to ensure The National Wilderness Preservation System stays intact.  HR 1349A is a short-sighted, single focus, special interest legislation.  This bill, if passed, will overturn the basis of our current wilderness system by allowing unrestricted new intrusions from mountain bikes and other wheeled devices to occur. 

Time is of the essence.  Learn more about this bill by reading this fact sheet, and then contact your own congressional representatives and tell them you oppose HR 1349A. 
This bill passed out of the House Natural Resources Committee along party line votes.  Wilderness should be nonpartisan.  Let your Congressmen know that our special wilderness areas deserve better treatment.

Let your organization members know of this threat to the Wilderness Act and ask them to act fast to let their legislators and leaders know of their opposition to this attempt to radically change the meaning of wilderness and the Wilderness Act.

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The future of wilderness is in the hands of those that care the most about it.
Thank you.