The National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance is ready to share some knowledge accumulated over the past decade about the non-profit world is general and the wilderness stewardship universe specifically. NWSA has scheduled a series of webinars designed to help stewardship organizations to operate more efficiently in the office as well as on-the-ground methodology. NWSA's free webinars will keep you apprised of funding opportunities, policy changes and ways to strengthen and build your stewardship group.

On Tuesday, December 18 at 11:00 a.m. Mountain Time, Darcy Shepard will lead off with a webinar on Managing Finances — Best Practices.

Shephard, who was elected NWSA treasurer in 2012, has a passion for numbers and the outdoors that led her to her current position as the Director of Finance and Human Resources with Friends of Nevada Wilderness after serving as a yearlong AmeriCorps for the organization in 2010. She holds a BA in Journalism and Political Science and a Certificate of Excellence in Nonprofit Management (2014), both from the University of Nevada, Reno.


Other webinar subjects for 2019 are listed below. Webinars are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, always at 11 a.m. Mountain Time. To stay informed of what’s coming up next, sign up for email updates at



Stewardship Challenge Series


Funding & Financial Management 1 

Finding the Funds You Need for Your Work 


Challenges --> Successful Strategies

Success with Volunteers -- Recruiting


Challenges --> Successful Strategies

Success with Volunteers -- Retention


Training Volunteers: Safety, Competence, Concerns, Possibilities


Relationships -- 1. Fit your Wilderness Goals to Your Community.

Relationships -- 2. Fit Your Goals to Your Agency Partner’s Needs

Relationships -- 3. Fit Your Organization to Your Members’ Personal Goals


Volunteer Partnership Series


Partner with the Cornell Ornithology Lab to Inventory Wild Birds

Partner with the National and Historic Trails and their Partners

Use Wild Spotter to Build a National Map of Noxious Weeds


NWSA is also looking for folks who would like to help lead and/or facilitate these webinars. If you see a subject you would like to help with, contact Randy Welsh ([email protected]) or Dave Cantrell ([email protected])