Wilderness Videos

This collection of wilderness related short films and videos comes to us courtesy of Friends of the Central Cascades Wilderness.  Enjoy!

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The opinions and actions shown in these videos are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent positions of NWSA.

50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act 07:45

The Wilderness Act: 50 Years Conserving America's Wildest Places 06:02

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute 13:29

Wild by Law and Nature 24:15

The Wilderness Act Stars in 'This American Land' 06:00

Untrammeled 27:01

History of Forest Service
Wild Places

Deschutes NF Wilderness Areas 05:18

The Middle Fork of the Salmon River 05:07

A Year in the Boundary Waters Wilderness 11:53

Waldo Lake 05:14

Wilderness Study Areas in Oregon and Washington 08:25

Looking After Our Wilderness

Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics   09:42

Leave No Trace for Kids -- Cute!  00:50

Wilderness Volunteers in Dark Canyon Wilderness 03:32

Help Save Our Wilderness 03:02

The Future of Wilderness: a perspective from a Wilderness Ranger 01:59

Wilderness Rangers: Keeping It Wild 38:57

Working with the Siskiyou Mountain Club 05:43

Forest Service Wilderness Rangers 06:27 (Slow to load - be patient)

Saving Obsidian 01:12

Youth Core Trail Projects 04:11



Large Carnivores and You: How you can aid wildlife conservation 05:37

Mountain Lions  08:03


Tips for Backpackers
How To Set Up A Bear Hang - Pacific Crest Trail Style 01:56

How To Find Great Backpacking Campsites 07:56

Backpacking Hygiene - Keeping Clean in the Wilderness 06:20

Leave No Trace for Backpackers 11:50

Navigation - Staying Found 09:13

Emergency First Aid Skills for the Backcountry 15:07

Lightning Strikes & High Elevation Hiking 09:23